Network Update on our MultiBox Server

We are updating network of our MultiBox Server. Server will be unreachable at this time. -Started 19.40 on 2019-05-11

Ended at 2019-05-11 19.45

Now the server is reachable and supports IPv6


11th May 2019
Main IP Block

Dear Customers,


There was an outage today 2019-05-08 where our main IP got blocked because of a Phishing Site . We took measures and the server is accessible from the main IP again. In case you wonder how to login to the server you can always use the secondary IP.



Handyhost Team

8th May 2019
We have changed our hosting servers hostname!

Hi All,

We have changed our hosting servers hostname to a new one. Please chat with us to find out more.



8th Mar 2019
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