Network Outage in our USA DC!


We are having a Network Outage in our USA DC and the collocation team is currently looking at it. We will update once it is fixed.

Outage Time: Noticed at: 2021-07-31  15:41:43 (IST+05:30)
Resolved Time: 2021-07-31  16:43:43 (IST+05:30)

Affected Node Location: Dallas, USA

31st Jul 2021
Company Registration

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to inform that we have registered our company with the Business Registration Number PV00227058 under the name DIGI Dome (PVT) Ltd located at Paramount Towers, Level 2, No 192/10, 9th Lane, Nawala Road, Nawala, Kotte, Office will be open between 08:30am to 05:00pm IST on weekdays.


Handyhost Team

1st Apr 2021
Interruptions on some of our Nodes

Dear Customer,   Some of our nodes got failed because of a bug in Virtualizor. Upon contacting Virtualizor they confirmed this and provided us with a patch. We have applied the patch on the affected servers and now all are working without an issue. Downtime on affected Servers was: 15 Minute(s)   We are sorry for the inconvenience ... Read More »

8th Nov 2020
Downtime on our node2 Direct Admin Server

We faced an unexpected downtime yesterday (15th May 2020 ) due to a software update failure and we have removed all the old php versions.(5.4/5.6) since they are outdated and dead. Due to the latest update password strength and security factors of MariaDB and MySQL has changed therefore if you are facing any issue with the database try changing ... Read More »

15th May 2020
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