We are Discontinuing PayHere as a Payment Gateway

Dear Customers, As most of you know one of our Payment Gateway Partner 'Payhere' was hacked and 65GB of data including user emails , Physical addresses has been leaked. Upon checking the breached data we noticed that PayHere (plugin) has accessed user databases and fetched data of the users regardless of the gateway that the user used.  Even a ... Read More »

3rd May 2022
We now offer Managed Service

We at Handyhost now offer Managed Services for both internal and external servers.

18th Apr 2022
All LKR Profiles will be conerted to USD

Due to the Inflation in Sri Lanka the rate between LKR and USD has a vast difference and it is increasing daily with an unpredictable way. We used to convert USD to LKR in a weekly manner for Customers who used LKR and now it has been nothing but a hassle to update the recurring invoices daily to the present exchange rate.    Therefore we are ... Read More »

18th Mar 2022
Network Outage in our USA DC!


We are having a Network Outage in our USA DC and the collocation team is currently looking at it. We will update once it is fixed.

Outage Time: Noticed at: 2021-07-31  15:41:43 (IST+05:30)
Resolved Time: 2021-07-31  16:43:43 (IST+05:30)

Affected Node Location: Dallas, USA

31st Jul 2021
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